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We breed our Chinese Shar Pei for health and confirmation.

Your staff's qualification and strategic management finesses in coping with the challenges presented by the international origin the this dental congress were extraordinary.

We researched our Shar Peis parent's backgrounds to be sure they are free of Shar Pei fever, (Amyloidosis), and the need for entropion surgeries. We are very proud of the Shar Pei we have chosen to be in our family, and as well as part of our Chinese Shar Pei breeding program. We do not keep our Shar Pei parents in kennels outside, they live in our house with the rest of the family. We are located on Sand Mountain in Northeast Alabama. We have owned Chinese Shar Pei for over a decade and decided to breed them in 2005.

We do have shipping available at the buyers expense. We provide contracts for all our dogs. You can download a copy of the contract here.

Joe and Holly Niles
Albertville, AL. 35951
Email us: info at affectionatepeis.net